Each Homeowner is responsible for registering his/her mailing address and email address with the Association*.  
The link below enables Homeowners to add both a mailing address AND email address registrations for Lakeside.

Please make sure we have your current mailing address AND your email

Board Meeting notifications and other important information are sent electronically to registered email addresses.  
Newsletters, Meeting Reminders, Social Events, and Neighborhood News will be emailed to those who choose those options during registration.

Register today!  (Lakeside Estates uses Mailchimp as its official email service.)

When you click on the link to register your email, you will:
  1. Be presented with a form to complete with your information.
  2. Complete the form, then click on "Subscribe to list"  
  3. A confirmation email will then be sent to you from Mailchimp.
  4. Watch for the confirmation email.  Click the confirmation link in the email to complete your registration. 
Your registration is not complete until you confirm your email address.

The Mailchimp Email Registration Service provides you with the ability to manage your mailing and email registration, to change your subscription preferences, update your email address as the need arises and keep your mailing address current.

*Lakeside Estates Homeowners Association Bylaws, Article XII.B, and Email Registration Policy