We're extending the deadline to pay your annual assessment

The HOA board voted via email this week to extend the deadline for collecting the annual assessment. You recently received an annual statement that said the assessment is due June 30. The board voted not to send any collection notices or reminders until October, effectively extending the deadline to pay to Sept. 30.

  • If you pay anytime before Sept. 30, there will be no late fees or interest charges.
  • If you have already sent payment and would like us to attempt to halt processing of it, please reply ASAP.
  • As always, if you sell your home, any balance on the account will be due before you can close.

We did this because we know a lot of us are facing decreased income and less forgiving bills in the coming months. We hope this extra flexibility on this one bill helps.

Supplies update

We also want to extend a thank-you to everyone who volunteered to help their neighbors with supplies following our last email. So far, no one has asked for help! But the offer stands. If you need something, just ask, and know that several of your neighbors are on stand-by ready to help you with anything you need. Why risk a trip to the store for batteries, toilet paper or a lightbulb. Tell us what you need, and someone will leave it on their front doorstep for you. We'll let you know where to pick it up.

Safety notice

You may have noticed that park facilities — like playgrounds, picnic tables and water fountains — are marked with caution tape to discourage their use during the COVID-19 crisis. So far, we have not marked our pond deck or picnic table in the same way, but please avoid these areas.

Meeting canceled —

Let's focus on helping one another right now

The March 29 meeting is canceled. The Rec is closed, and there is not an easy way to do a Webex for this meeting. We expect to reschedule in early summer. Besides, we need to focus on uniting as neighbors at this time. Unfortunately, the proposed new restrictions document was causing confusion and division. That is the last thing we need right now.

Instead, let's use our HOA for something positive.


Do you need toilet paper? Paper towels? Gatorade? Lawn bags? Something else ... Email me and I will send out a list of needs. Then your neighbors will step up and put these items outside on their doorstep (away from the rain). I will email the requestor telling them where they can pick up their items.


Are you in a vulnerable group? We don't want you to have to do your own shopping. Email me and we will find a volunteer to go for you. If you don't already have Cash App or Venmo or something similar, you might want to download it now. Working together, we can minimize shopping trips, especially for any neighbors who should not risk public exposure.


Working from home? Got antsy kiddos who want to see their friends? Want to say hi to your neighbors but not get too close? Let's make 7 p.m. our Community Hour. Step outside or go for a walk, saying hello to your friends and neighbors from a safe distance. It might seem goofy at first, but maybe we need a little goofy right now.


Want to help with any of the above? Have any other ideas of how we can come together as a neighborhood while practicing social distancing? Please reach out. We are a community of generous, caring, responsible people. Let's put our HOA business aside for right now and focus on one another as people.


Michael Landauer

President, HOA Board

Pond Dredging Coming Soon

Our pond is in need of dredging in order to improve the health and continued use of our pond area. It has been over 10 years since our pond was last dredged and is now on the schedule to receive this maintenance once again.

We have hired American Underwater Services (AUS) to conduct this extensive operation. The dredging process will take approximately 1- 2 months to complete.

During this process, you may see a pontoon boat with dredging equipment on board as well as 1-2 divers who will help excavate and dredge the pond area. There will also be several large metal containers stationed at the intersection of View Meadow and Woodhaven Drive. Please use caution when driving in this area.

We apologize in advance for any unpleasant odors or the unsightly metal containers that need to be in place during this project, but the result will be worth it.

Feel free to contact the HOA Board (board@lakeside-estates.org) or Project Chairman Cathy Clarke (cclarke2707@gmail.com ) if you have any questions or concerns about this project. Thanks for your understanding and patience during this important pond improvement project.

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