ARC - What, why and how

ARC stands for Architecture Review Committee. The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (DC&R’s), Article III details the guidelines for Architectural Control. An ARC request must be submitted for any exterior changes you wish to make to your home, such as, roof replacement, fence alterations, storage sheds, landscaping projects, painting, swimming pools, patio extension or covers, decks, mailbox replacement, etc.

The Homeowner shall:

  • Submit a request to the Architecture Review Committee which includes a written description of improvements you wish to make.
  • Provide detailed specifications of the improvement to include size, height, width, color, material used, and location.
  • Provide a link to see the manufacturer’s picture of the product(s) to be used for the project if available.
  • Provide the height and material of your fence or project if applicable.
  • Send any supporting materials to Lakeside Estates via email, US mail, or fax to (214) 520-6463.
    • Provide a copy of the plot plan showing where the change(s) are to be placed, as applicable (blueprint of your lot and home, which you should have received at closing.)
  • Remember when getting bids from contractors, posting of signs in your yard is prohibited.
    • The ARC shall:
    • Review your request.
    • Inspect the location of your requested improvement.
    • Contact you with any questions they may have regarding your improvement.
    • Respond to your request in writing with a determination within 10 business days after the request has been submitted to ARC as per the DC&R’s.