Property Expectations Checklist

Property Restrictions and Expectations Checklist

The following guidelines may be used to determine Lakeside Property Restriction Notifications and Resale Certificate Qualifications.

** The Enforcement Policy for Property Restrictions is located on this website under Documents and Policies Tab - "Enforcement Policy".

** Please Refer the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions. The document is located under the Documents and Policies Tab. These restrictions apply except where overridden by Texas State or Federal law.

* Cornerstone Management, the professional services company that helps us manage our accounts, is now helping with Architecture Review and Restrictions Enforcement. The Board decided to utilize these services to help make enforcement more consistent and objective. Still, you can bring any concern to any board member at any time.


1. Single-family residence only. (DC&Rs Art VIII, Sect. A, item 1)

2. Minimum two-car garage (converting garage to room is prohibited) (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 9)

3. Roofs of composition, weathered-wood appearance or matching the aesthetics of other properties within Lakeside Estates. Multi-colored roofing materials are prohibited. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 4, and in accordance with Texas Property Code Sec. 202.011, item 2C.)

4. No carports. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 5)

5. Outside animals - maximum 2 cats/dogs in the back yard. Other animals prohibited. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 6)

6. Nuisances:

a. Habitual barking specifically mentioned as a nuisance. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 6)

b. Exterior sound devices are a nuisance. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 8)

c. 4-inch grass is a nuisance. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 8)

7. Garage doors should be closed. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 9)

8. Patios cannot be used for storage. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 9)

9. Green area landscape changes, adding to or removing items, must be approved by ARC before change occurs. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 10)

10. No trash containers outside except on pickup days. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 11)

11. Trash containers and recycle bins must be stored out of sight and may not be visible from the street. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 11)

12. No boats, boat trailers, RVs, travel trailers, wave runners, etc. in yard, driveway, or street. Trucks with tonnage greater than one ton should not be parked in yard, driveway or street overnight. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 12)

13. No commercial/business signs except real estate signs. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 15)

14. No permanent overhead wires. (Art VIII, Sect. A, item 17)

15. Fences: wood, masonry or wrought iron: 6 – 6.5 ft. - height variances must be approved by ARC before installation. (First Amend. to D&Cs)

16. Fences within 20' of Perimeter Fence must be 4" below perimeter - HOA Board, designated company or representative may enter a property to repair the perimeter fence. (First Amend to D&Cs.)

17. Flagpoles may be no larger than 5ft. long when mounted on a residence (no more than two mounted flagpoles) and no taller than 20ft. if free- standing; US and Texas Flags must `be flown in accordance with US and Texas laws. Permitted flags include the US, any State or Territory of the US, branches of the US Military and any accredited college. Illumination of flagpoles may not exceed 2 minimal intensity lights. (LEHA Policy 2015, and Texas Property Code Sec. 202.012)

18. Solar Energy Devices (solar panels) should not extend higher than or beyond the roofline, and should conform to the slope of the roof. If in the yard, it must not extend taller than the fence line. Location must be approved by ARC committee and comply with state and federal regulations; all panel designs must be approved by ARC before installation. (LEHA Policy 2015, and restricted as per Texas Property Code Sec. 202.010)

19. Rain Harvesting Systems (Rain Barrels) may not be located at the front of a residence; design must be in harmony with the appearance of the residence. (LEHA Policy 2015, and per Texas Property Code Sec. 202.007)

20. Satellite dishes may be installed. (Please see the 1996 Federal Communications Commission rules for Over-the-Air-Reception Devices, “OTARD” rules.)

21. Any additional exterior property changes should seek ARC approval prior to modification. Examples include such items as:

a. Exterior house and/or trim painting

b. Patios, pergolas and outdoor kitchens

c. Outdoor sheds

d. Garage doors

e. Painted or stamped Concrete Driveways

f. Basketball Goals

g. Window Air Conditioning Units

h. Permanent standby electric generators