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Board meetings have been indefinitely postponed

Meeting canceled —

Let's focus on helping one another right now

The March 29, 2020, meeting is canceled. The Rec is closed, and there is not an easy way to do a Webex for this meeting. We expect to reschedule in early summer. Besides, we need to focus on uniting as neighbors at this time. Unfortunately, the proposed new restrictions document was causing confusion and division. That is the last thing we need right now.

Instead, let's use our HOA for something positive.


Do you need toilet paper? Paper towels? Gatorade? Lawn bags? Something else ... Email me and I will send out a list of needs. Then your neighbors will step up and put these items outside on their doorstep (away from the rain). I will email the requestor telling them where they can pick up their items.


Are you in a vulnerable group? We don't want you to have to do your own shopping. Email me and we will find a volunteer to go for you. If you don't already have Cash App or Venmo or something similar, you might want to download it now. Working together, we can minimize shopping trips, especially for any neighbors who should not risk public exposure.


Working from home? Got antsy kiddos who want to see their friends? Want to say hi to your neighbors but not get too close? Let's make 7 p.m. our Community Hour. Step outside or go for a walk, saying hello to your friends and neighbors from a safe distance. It might seem goofy at first, but maybe we need a little goofy right now.


Want to help with any of the above? Have any other ideas of how we can come together as a neighborhood while practicing social distancing? Please reach out. We are a community of generous, caring, responsible people. Let's put our HOA business aside for right now and focus on one another as people.


Michael Landauer

President, HOA Board