Regular Board Meeting Schedule & Agenda

All residents may attend regular Board meetings.

To confirm your attendance and obtain the meeting location, send an email to

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Regular Board Meeting On Monday, April 8


Regular Board Meeting

April 8th, 2019


Grapevine REC

  1. Call to Order

2. Review and approve Minutes of prior meeting

3. Financial Report

    1. Operating Budget with Cornerstone
    2. Reserve Fund with Chase

4. Committee Reports

    1. Architecture Review (ARC) – Report from Committee
    2. Property Management – Report from Committee
    3. Property Restrictions Management – Report from Committee
    4. Communications – Report from Committee
    5. Social - Report from Committee; Prepare for Easter Egg Hunt

5. New Business

    1. Review quotes for the removal of the tree blocking the fountain at the pond
    2. Discuss adoption of a fine policy for restriction violations.
    3. Nominations for a Restrictions and Covenants Review Committee.

6. Confirm date for next board meeting – Monday, July 8th from 7:00pm-9:00pm

7. Adjournment

8. Closed Executive Session